Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy first day of summer, let's hit the beach!


  1. This is non-post related. I wanted to post something about you and Samurai Frog posting pics of yourselves on tumblr but it wouldn't let me. Combined with my pic we are an awesome scruffy trio. Either auditioning for the role as banditos in some 'Magnificent 7' remake or starring in 'Three Men and a Baby' - Eastern European Version. I am going to post this in SF's blog too. Someone with the ability needs to put all three of our photos together in a GOOD, BAD, and UGLY post If you agree tell me and I will send you my pic for inclusion. Classic my brothers, classic.

  2. With the Spanish in my background i guess i'm Tuco but always feel more like Angeleyes. Someone out there has to be able to photoshop this great idea! :)