Friday, June 11, 2010


I love my blogs and i missed them so much when they were taken away from me. Everything is back and running ok blog wise but i'm not.
I find it hard to blog like i did before the blog shutdown. Things were going fine and i was getting good ideas, a few followers and awards but now i just feel like things have braked hard on me.
I think i haunt tumblr now because i get that thrill of re-blogging,replies and followers (nearly 300 there), i know i'm being a whiner here.
Just want people to love the blogs as much as the tumblrs. Envious of my friends who have great interesting blogs and a large following.
Fighting a damn depression that won't go away this week dosen't help.

LOL gripey old broken down dragon will hush up now.


  1. You just need to keep pushing through. Man we all seem to get like this but thankfully not all at the same time. I know how the stupidest things in real life can just take away your motivation for everything including blogging and I am the most sensitive guy to any kind of critisism. Keep bitching. It helps.

  2. Hey, hey -- welcome back....
    Keep on keepin' on.