Monday, June 7, 2010

Real Books

They don't need an upgrade every year, there is no special "reader" you need to buy. Real books you can share with friends, you can hold in your hands, turn the page, smell that new book smell, look at the cover art, read the cover blurbs and many more things you just don't get with an e-book.
I think i'll go read a real book.


  1. Real books are superior, plus if they are stolen then i won't be so hurt (although i will be annoyed that i've lost my page)

  2. I do love real books...holding them in my hand, turning the pages....yeah, real books are better :)


  3. I'll read books online when it's the easier choice, but I much prefer the physical objects.

  4. I have a larger library now than I ever did before I was online. Like comic books, I can read them online but holding them physically is always better.

  5. Real books are a reliable workable user-friendly technology. So obviosly that makes them obsolete and they must be replaced by something new and shiny. Something new and shiny that will be less reliable, more expensive in the long-term, less user-friendly and subject to sudden obsolescence at any moment if another newer shinier technology comes along.

    I just love progress.