Saturday, September 26, 2015


I wasn't going to say anything but I feel I should and this EB is the best place. I have been in love with the sweetest woman in the whole wide world for about 10 years. She was my soul mate, due to my issues of going anywhere i could never visit her and she had to come here to see me (we chatted a lot online and met there) Her visits were highlights of my life and made me love her so much more but her visits became rarer and rarer ( I always knew what a pain it was for her to travel up here) and a few weeks ago i got "facebooked" by her, she said it was an accident and she had time to think and decided to let me go, so i could find someone because she couldn't be what i wanted...i wanted only her and her to be finding someone. this is bullshit. I figure she's found someone new and dosen't have the guts to tell me, i hate lies.

I love her but now i'm broken-hearted.

She's hurt me.

Coolest Place On The Internet

I can't tell you how good this page is, you must go and look at it yourself! Cal is a long time pal of the EB and to me. He always has something new and cool to share and I wish the EB was half as cool (But the EB is run by a crazy person and don't tell me i said that about me.).

He keeps us free of a world dominated by evil Octi and Squids!