Saturday, September 26, 2015


I wasn't going to say anything but I feel I should and this EB is the best place. I have been in love with the sweetest woman in the whole wide world for about 10 years. She was my soul mate, due to my issues of going anywhere i could never visit her and she had to come here to see me (we chatted a lot online and met there) Her visits were highlights of my life and made me love her so much more but her visits became rarer and rarer ( I always knew what a pain it was for her to travel up here) and a few weeks ago i got "facebooked" by her, she said it was an accident and she had time to think and decided to let me go, so i could find someone because she couldn't be what i wanted...i wanted only her and her to be finding someone. this is bullshit. I figure she's found someone new and dosen't have the guts to tell me, i hate lies.

I love her but now i'm broken-hearted.

She's hurt me.


  1. Sometimes even time never makes that go away. I could tell you a story that would break your heard like your story did mine. We are the type of guys who would adore ONE woman all our lives but they never saw value in that. I hope your pain is infrequent but it will never fully go away. This will be with you a long time so you have to learn to live with it. Itl's the only think that will save you.