Thursday, June 24, 2010

SS Leno Sinking

Jay Leno is sinking in the ratings and it couldn't happen to better backstabber, i think people caught on to his "i'm innocent" act and are just not buying his schtick any more. He's getting lower ratings than Conan did and Letterman is beating him.
Finally America see's how un-funny Jay Lamo is.

Happy now NBC?


  1. Could not happen soon enough, never been a fan of his...ever :)


  2. I think he'll lose more viewers when Conan's new show starts on TBS.

  3. I never understood why anybody liked him in the first place. I've always thought he was a patronizing phoney...

  4. I met Jay Leno once. He was in his hometown of Andover, Ma, doing a book signing. There were easily 500 people in line for signatures, and many did not even have the book. He stayed until everyone in line got a signature and a hand-shake, it took around 5 hours. And he was cheerful through the whole ordeal. He treated his homeys right. Just my 2c.

  5. Marble River i don't doubt he's a nice guy with family and fans but Jay is ruthless in business.
    I just always think Jay is funnier in small doses and not as the host of any show.