Saturday, March 6, 2010

Major Matt Mason

Anyone else remember this toy or had one?
I remember getting one for Christmas, had the sled thing he flew on and the moon crawler, my friend Steve had the moonbase and more stuff. Steve had a big sand pit behind his house and it was the perfect place to play Major Matt Mason.
Sadly the Major didn't make it through all the years of playing.


  1. These were the best. Clear windowns, bubble helmets and that great PVC smell...I can smell them already.

  2. I had the very collection you posted here.
    The moon suit, the jet pack, and sled.

    I also had the crawler that doubled as a wench on top of the space station.

    I did not have the station however and had to make mine out of milk cartons and TV dinner trays (they were mettle then).

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Hey Drake. I gave you an award. Congrats!