Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We're still feeling the effects of 8 years of the worst President ever, naturally the extreme basement dwelling right wing neo-con teabagging republican self-righteous do nothing politicians and bloggers are blaming President Obama for Bush's foul-ups (can anyone say "Oil War"?).
History and fact have and will prove Bush jr is the worst President this country has ever had but reality is seldom a concept that these people deal with.
God Bless America for being a free country and these wing nuts have the right to speak their lies but we have common sense and don't eblieve them.


  1. Well at least we now have a clear dividing line between stupid and even more stupid. Stupid people see Bush as an idiot and I can deal with them. More Stupid people are irredeemable asshats who think Bush was great. They can't be fixed and can lick my taint. Those are the ones we look to shoot first. Easy to spot because they are white and hang tea bags from their easter bonnets.

  2. The stupid factor has to be the reason they love Sarah Palin.