Thursday, July 30, 2009


A few things that annoy me.

*Michael Jackson coverage, it's been almost a month now since he died, find something else to talk about and bury the guy he's gotta be getting pretty ripe by now.*

*Doctor Who "fans" who are announcing they won't watch the next series because the actor is too young,new companion is too young,his clothes aren't "Whoiish enough", they changed the sonic screwdriver,they're changing the TARDIS inside and outside (this is actually been done because they're filming in High Def)etc etc. Sadly this pre-judgement of Doctor Who has been for every new actor and series since Whovians found the internet and in the UK since the 80's*

*News, when i watch tv for news...i want news not opinions,not how to advice,not someone with a political agenda, not entertainment gossip and please stop turning news into the National Enquirer*

*Teen vampires books and movies (At least Buffy had a sense of humor amongst it's emo). When i was a teen i didn't want read stuff like this. I guess it does get them to read a book but what of the cost to good literature and good movies?*

*People who yell and scream about something being racist and make way too much of something are usually the biggest bigots "Some of my best friends are..."*

*Comics, what is the deal with all the dead zombie heroes crap going on with Marvel and DC? Who are they selling these comics to? I'm not reading them. And really most art in comics now sucks (damn you Rob Liefeld!) and the writing style of "Hey i can totally screw up Spidey here and the fans will love me, oh got a call from DC must figure out a way to kill Batman again!". Wednesday Comics...trees died for this? Only the Metamorpho and Metal Men stories were good (Kamandi has beautiful art though) but it isn't worth the cost.*

*blu-ray or it blows-ray, not worth the money. There's nothing wrong with DVD it dosen't need replacing.*

*Twitter, still a piece of crap if you ask me. I do have a twitter and my last twittering ever was "GET A LIFE"*

*Megan Fox, why does everyone hate her? I don't think i've ever seen her in anything but she seems to be on a lot tv talk shows. Is she a bad actress or one of the many new Hollywood famous for being famous people? She is cute*

*Reality shows, they suck me in...i can't stop watching them! I need more old tv shows DVDs...please send them to me Drake at the Eclectic Banana!* ;)

*I don't think i'm a very good blogger yet but i'm trying*

*Everything i eat and enjoy is bad for me, i'm committing food suicide.*

*Global warming, i might be wrong but i don't see it happening. I actually think we're going into a cool down and ice age*

*Peta, if i actually saw them help an animal instead of fear,hate and celeb ass kissing campaigns, i'd actually have some respect for them. I love animals but support only groups that actually help animals, to rescue strays,feed them, control the over-population of feral cats and dogs, the stopping animal abuse like dog fighting.*

OK that's enough, i'm really a sweet guy and not that much of griper. :)

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