Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dead Kings Of Pop

I'm not watching any Michael Jackson "news" on tv and it seems to have been scaled back ( i guess you can only beat a dead horse so many times ) but my question is, have they buried him yet?
Maybe his corpse will go on tour with the Elephant man skeleton.
Why yes i am being sarcastic and mean no disrespect to his family and fans but get over it.

*now playing on winamp - Cramps "Surfin' Dead"*


  1. Not only has he not been buried, it appears his family are the only ones outside of the authorities who even know where the body is.

    I will bet they stuff him like Roy Rogers did Trigger.

  2. I was wondering about that, stuff him (i won't say mount...) and put him up at Neverland, open it as an attraction and the meal ticket keeps the family rolling in dough.