Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I don't know how many years ago i joined this meet your match site but it was free up to a point, i still get the email saying someone has flirted with me (usually from some fictious town in a far away state and they're always "never been married" etc etc ). Since i never paid for a membership, the free bit had strings surprise surprise, i could never contact the women and one time guy ( that was weird ). I bring this up because this morning was flirt from someone in the UK, why would a young lady of 28 from Nottingham want to flirt with some old guy in the US?
Sure maybe it was natural animal magnetism *pause for laughter*
She had no photo so i'm guessing she isn't real but a spammer of some sort.
Now i'm sucker for woman with a brit accent...just another odd thing to add to what is turning out to be an odd day.


  1. Oh, isn't it a shame that we always think something must be spam these days, always looking for the catch?! You never know, maybe she's real and she's a sucker for a man with an American accent? Especially if you say 'Notting-HAM' rather than 'Notting'em'...
    (I should perhaps add that it's not me by the way!!!! - long-married, only been to Nottingham once and 28 seems a lifetime ago...)

  2. Well drat,not you :)
    I say Notting'em it just sounds better that way.