Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Balls

Boy i can't tell you how much fun i had with super balls, they bounced into my life when i was going to R,B. Hunt Elementary School where you had good surface to bounce them, concrete and asphalt. I had big collection at one time, all sizes from the normal size to the mini super balls in all colors. Neat tricks like karate chopping them to make them bounce from side to side. I had what i think was a rare super ball made by Marx Toys which was a weird blue color but the best ones were from Wham-O. I think still make them, wish i knew what happened to mine.


  1. In University we would bounce the ball back and forth in the back yard for hours while sitting around the fire. I also love playing handball in the school yard. Good times

  2. Wow, you've just stirred up a memory I had completely forgotten! I had just one much-loved super ball, in the seventies, and it was multi-coloured. I played with it so much eventually the rubber got all battered/brittle and would break off in places, making it look as if it had been part-eaten, but still it never lost its bounce. I used to try and bounce it over the roof of the house - and I'm sure I nearly made it - miraculously the upstairs windows somehow survived....

  3. I could never resist biting the smaller ones...