Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New TV Season

So the new television season has started, pretty much with a whimper and not a bang. I didn't watch Dancing With The Who The Heck Are These "Stars"?, don't know what was on the CW..i mean who watches that anyways? So that left NBC...some crappy American Idol rip-off was on there so that left CBS. CBS gave us two new episodes of How I Meet Your Mother for some reason...i'm afraid the show is skating along now after seeing these two episodes, it's still better and funnier than most sitcoms on the air but REALLY..have him meet the Mother already....this gimmick is old and way tired now or just get rid of the un-funny nebbish guy and make the show more about the really funny characters, now we get to the much anticipated (so the press says) Two and a Half Men...it sucked, Ashton Kutcher was...Ashton Kutcher (you know,the un-funny Kutcher) his big gag was to get naked and the producers thought that was so knee-slapping funny they did the gag again ( i mean if i want lame jokes repeated over and over i'll watch Family Guy) the show's writers basically Chuck Lorre and his vendetta against Sheen wrote a ham-fisted slam against Charlie...Charlie Sheen has shown more class in this whole contrived debacle of Mr. Lorre's...the show is dead, it needs Charlie, i bet by December it'll be put on hiatus. Now there's Two Poorly Acted Girls or whatever this "Dead Sit Com Walking" is called, i mean Sh*t My Dad Says had more laughs..cliche written,badly acted (Kate Dennings cannot act) badly casted etc etc, i turned to watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen and then the Charlie Sheen roast which was funny. Hawaii Five-O was ok (Commercial breaks were so long i could watch the Roast without missing anything on H5O) typical well made action series which CBS does well. I totally forgot if Castle was on or not mostly because it's out of place on ABC which seems to try to be the Lifetime channel with the shows they air.

OK that's my report, i think i'll watch more PBS until Thursday when Big Bang Theory comes back,that i know will be funny.

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  1. Hawaii 5-0 was really good. It moved fast and had all kinds of cool moments. I love that Terry QUINN found his way to this program.