Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Beauty

This Friday's Beauty is Kat Dennings.
I must admit i didn't know much about her acting career but knew her from my friend's blogs and Tumblrs, she's what i'd call an exotic beauty, there's something about her that draws my attention.
Little did i know that i own one of her cinematic classics on DVD, yes i have "Big Mama's House 2"!
I think she's great reading the vapid lines on her new tv series "Two Broke Girls" but she's paired up with a horrible actress and this situation "comedy" is so cliche and horrible.
I hope she gets better roles deserving of her talent!
Take the money and run Kat!


  1. I agree. Her show is pretty terrible and she seems to know it and suffer through each unfunny second. It will not last 13 episodes. I love Kat but they underused her talent in this show big time.

  2. Exactly, she's being wasted.
    I see her show and the new un-funny Two and a Half Men getting axed this year.