Monday, May 16, 2011


it's amazing how ego destroying blogs online are. no one really cares what your opinion or thoughts are and really you have to be a bit full of yourself to start one. i think this blog has been a failure do to my increasing apathy and lack of contact with anyone. even tumblr has become an emotional draining land of emptiness but then it always has been, i just didn't see it. Yeah i started this blog for the same reason i joined Live Journal,MySpace,Tumblr and other long dead blogs to meet people and get a give and take conversation going. i should be drunk tonight but i don't drink.
Thankyou to the people who have enjoyed and have commented to me, i really appreciate it.
throwing in the towel.


  1. Oh and there was me just signing up as a follower! I only just came across your blog and like its eclectic mix, plus you're a Cramps fan! A shame if you feel like stopping but I can understand. I'm new to it, and doing it because I work alone so the sort of conversations I might have with colleagues etc don't exist! But they still have to happen! All the best.

  2. I should never post when i'm in a deep blue funk. Thanks for the reply and a Cramps fan can't be wrong.

    stay sick!