Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 1960's

They say if you remember the 60's you weren't there (meaning everyone was stoned out of their heads), not so!
I remember the 60's but i was a kid and have great memories of a Hurricane that hit us directly here in St. Augustine, the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, great tv shows like the Avengers Man From UNCLE Batman The Prisoner (that really warped my childhood mind and i've never been the same) and the music, there was so many varieties to hear then, you had surf rock, Motown, Pop, British Invasion, country, bubble gum, folk, great movie scores and then into the 70's when i became a teenager and all angsty there was HEAVY METAL and later punk.
Oh i would go back to the 60's if i could.Yes there were bad things also, race riots and the Vietnam war to name two (got some stories about growing up in the south back then but that's for another post). I love the 60's also because i learned to read and had comic books and REAL BOOKS...none this e-book crap, no siree!
Waxing nostalgic big time.

Make Love Not War.


  1. As a child of the 60s too I relate to a lot of this, & we got a good taste of some great musical genres over the ensuing decades. Love the fact that while you were in the US watching Brit tv progs like The Prisoner and The Avengers (both such classic) I was in the UK watching US tv progs like The Monkees, The Munsters and Banana Splits etc! Would love to read more of your reminiscences too, thanks.

  2. And the Addams Family, always wanted to Gomez!