Monday, March 14, 2011


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I wonder if i'm the only one who's had a dream of the cast of the Big Bang Theory, the Monkees and all the Pythoners (even Graham Chapman who's really dragging that "I'm all dead" out).
Seems i and some friends (i figure some online chums from Tumblr here but didn't get a good look at them) were talking to the Monkees (even Mike Nesmith was there) about how great it would be if they'd appear on the Big Bang Theory, they thought it was wonderful idea and only in dreams and movies we're making the episode and Monty Python was on the episode too but they forgot Terry Gilliam!
Now Terry G was most peeved about this and started a protest to be included and naturally the episode was being filmed at what looked like the Addams Family house. The Pythons were all running about in various costumes from the show and the movies and being silly and rude at Terry G and the protesters and by now the Monkees had vanished from the dream.
For some reason i was now the guy who plays Leonard on BBT and i was taking Gilliam's side and wouldn't do the episode...well what heppens next? yep that's right the whole set falls into a hole but no one was hurt but mad at me aka Leonard. Now faster than you can Charlie Sheen, i'm fired and the girl who plays Bernadette comes to tell that i'm fired and they all were glad to see me go..then she turns into this blonde girl who was in a dream the night before and that's where the dream ended.

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