Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hawaii Five-O part deux

I watched the remake/reboot/rewhateveryouwanttocallit of Hawaii Five-O and thought it was ok but it didn't really grab me and make me think it was classic like the original. I know it's the pilot and like many pilots it had a bad case of "Pilotitis" where they tried to put introductions in for the main characters,create a new villian,explain how Five-O gets created...too much for a 42 minute show.
The original pilot for the original series was a movie of the week and didn't explain much and just had Five-O off and running, implications that the Five-O had been around since McGarrett left the Navy sometime in the early 60's but really in 12 seasons it was never explained and you know they didn't have to.
Another thing about the new show is Hawaii seemed to take a back seat to all the roller coaster camera work (sea sick cam as i call it) and artsy fartsy editing, Hawaii has always been one the key elements of the original show.
I hope they get their groove in place and the show gets better and drops the esemble style they seem to be going for, the show really just needs one main strong character and that's McGarrett and the other characters will grow and make a fine program, that's how they did it before.


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