Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Race

I can't Feel My Face

I Can't Feel My Face

I Can't Feel My Face

I guess not when you get clobbered by a flying watermelon. Amazing Race started last night and i'm already thinking it's going to be one of the best seasons. Phil told the teams it was going to be faster and harder, so i guess that's why we have no old team or chubby team this season. Driving in the English countryside seemed to be the hardest task for a few teams ( also the wrong/right sided driver's door caught a few ), one team kept going around Heathrow looking for Stonehenge.

And the Biker couple have to be the dumbest team ever on the show...they couldn't anything, didn't know what a battlement was and asked one of the performers at the castle "Are you a battlement?", didn't know they had to punt across a river in a small midevil boat and then when Phil asked them what country they were in Biker Chick said "The country of London?". Only a miracle saved them from elimination this week.

I love the Amazing Race especially when it's in the country of London. :)


  1. TAR rules! I just wish the show was in widescreen hi-def. It's gorgeously shot, so why not?

    I blogged my thoughts on this season's kick-off here. And boy, do I want to visit the country of London before I die!

  2. I want the old TAR shows on DVD, so many classic scenes.
    Loved your review, i agree a bunch of stupids this year. :)

  3. I am lovin how they are being sent to places that aren't so beautiful and touristy this year. Ghana was a shithole and the first time that I actually feared for the contestant.