Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicken Soup

No not for the soul, what's up with those books anyway? I'm still sick and trying to cheer and recharge my energy with pretty girl pics and whatever my throbbing brain (i said BRAIN) comes up with.
During my (making it sound worse than it is cold but hey it's fun to be emo!) days lying on my sick bed ( Bones "He's dead Jim") i get a ray of hope or a cool blogger award from Cal in his Canadian Cave of Cool (which is one of my favorite top 3 Blogs to read!), it's the 100% Penguin Rocker Approved award, this is cool and like Cal i love these awards.
I know i should pick some other great blogs for this award and i will (and i still have to for another award) but i'll bend the rules to give this to the blogs i read everyday and are listed to the right in that column thingie over there..see it?...good, ok we're cool.
Well gotta run,feeling a coughing spell coming on.
Take care!

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