Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kreativ Award

I want to thank Cal again for my first award. He has one of the best blogs online, go read now!
I shall pick 7 but really i think i could pick 20 more, so many good blogs out there.

1 - No Smoking In The Skullcave Becca has a great blog and one i enjoy a lot, i understand real life keeps her too busy to update this days. She's a great artist and she and her husband are some the best bloggers here (i'd give Electronic Cerebrectomy the award but Cal all ready did that!).

2 - Frog On The Pumpkin Wonderful blog, Halloween is every day there! They turn their home into an award winning haunted house every October.

3 - The Tainted Archive Gary Dobbs runs a fun and thought provoking blog and he loves Westerns (always a good thing if you ask me). Actor, author and more, a great chap and he's from Wales and been on Doctor Who!

4 - Life, Doctor Who & Combom The Best Doctor Who information blog online in my humble opinion! Every Whovian should be a follower.

5 - Diversions of the Groovy Kind The Keeper of Cool and great groovy history and scans of comics and magazines that i fondly remember.

6 - Retrospace One the best nostalgia and retro blogs i know of. Get your groove on and go Retro.

7 - Ranting and Raving Larry's blog of rants, he puts into words that i can't on many subjects that need a good rant, very personal blog and makes you think.

I'd like to mention Dino's Lounge, hope Keith can get back online soon and open the Lounge again.

Thanks again Cal!


  1. Congrats on your award!!! You have a great blog, you really deserve it. Oh and passing it along. I am honored!


  2. Thanks from me too - I've well chuffed with this.

  3. Congrats on your award, and thanks for passing one my way!

  4. Awwww thank you! It was very cool of you to think of me :) I'm glad you dig the art and thanks for all the reblogs on TUMBLR :)

  5. Welcome to you all, i think i picked the 5 best :)

  6. thanks for the good spots to be looking into and taking the prize...