Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thoughtless Thoughts

NCIS:LA, it's not very interesting,had high hopes for it. But i'm sure it'll run a few years while it's piggybacking NCIS on Tuesday nights.

Down to the final 3 on Hell's Kitchen, like to see the one armed bandit win.

A show i never see anyone talk about on the many blogs i read is 18 Kids and Counting, i love the show and the whole Duggar. I could never see having 18 kids (actually 19, Mom Duggar is pregnant again) heck i've never had 1 kid. They're a loving family,something rare on tv (hear me talking Jon Goslen?).

I think i've run out of pictures for Tumblr.

Keep getting spammers following me on Twitter, i don't twit much and still think it's pretty useless but i follow the Ghost Hunters people on there and a few fellow blogger buddies and some of the old gang from #DrWhoChat (anyone remember IRC?).

The Banana has been here nearly 6 months and i haven't won a single blog award, i feel so jealous! ;)

Really making this post to try and move a vid down the page, it's screwing up the page layout.

Is the Letterman story really that interesting, guess CNN thinks so...almost makes me turn to Faux News Channel!

You people be good and take care.

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