Friday, October 2, 2009


I knew it'd happen the the right wing apologists are starting their usual hue and cry and personal attacks against Letterman (who's private sex life is of no concern of mine or do ic are about any public figure's sex). Letterman who makes jokes about everyone but the moral judges of anything not Republican are up in glenn beckish rage, let's see the facts we have so far, a man tries to blackmail and extort money from Letterman (still a crime last time i checked) about his sex life and "terrible things" in his past, Letterman admitted to having sex with women who worked at his show before he was married ( i must think many of these people who step on their hypocritical high horses are jealous that some people actually have sex with women or men). You know if Letterman was some Republican South Carolina Governor who lied and cheated while in office and thinks he didn't do anything but claims to moral and good Christian i would be first to condemn him, but he's not, he's not a politician or any type of moral leader, he's a comedian and has talked many times about his faults, he's human.
He's broken no laws except making jokes and as he says sometimes bad jokes.
If you don't like Letterman don't watch him, watch your brain numbing pablum that is Faux News and be happy in your small minded.
And i never wave the white flag.

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