Thursday, June 4, 2009

David Carradine

News reports saw that David Carradine has died at the age of 72, he was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room where was making a movie, something called "Stretch". Local media in Thailand initially reported Carradine had committed suicide by
hanging himself in his hotel suite, but the star's agent has told a U.S. TV
channel he believes the actor died of natural causes.
I remember seeing Carradine first playing villians in westerns and tv shows and then as Caine in the classic "Kung Fu" ( a series Bruce Lee wanted to star in but they gave it to Carradine ).
I think Carradine did some of his best work recently in the Kill Bill movies. As i get older more and more of my favorite actors pass away.
Rest in peace David.


  1. I did read in a magazine someone left in the jewelry department at work the other day that he was found hanging in the closet with his hands bound and it appeared to be autoerotic asphixiation... and that some of his former lovers said he was into unconventional things of that nature... and it was a reliable mag, not a trash I didn't realize he was so old...

  2. I think his martial arts and training kept him young and i guess horny. :)