Sunday, May 31, 2009

People Who Bore Me

A list of people who just bore me for being in the news too much for whatever reason * :

OJ Simpson
Rush Limbaugh
Paris Hilton
Ex-Vice President Cheney
The Octo Mom
John & Kate Plus Eight (leave those people alone already)
All the American Idols
All the Dancing with the (so-called) Stars
Glenn Beck
People from that MTV show The Hills (i think that's the name)
LeBron James
Alex "Roid" Rodriguez
Vice President Joe Biden (Hush Joe)

and some groups that bore me :

TV Evengalists
Religous Terrorists
North Korea
Tele Marketers
Star Trek fans (and i love Trek)
Financial Experts
Talk Radio Hosts
Pop Psychologists
Angsty Teenagers

Yes i am an old crumdgeon. :)

* everything to be taken with a grain of salt, i am a sarky bastard.

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