Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazing Canada!

I love the Amazing Race and look what i found...Amazing Race Canada! They don't go around the world but race all over Canada. The typical bunch of racers that you have on the American version, the gay couple, sisters, father and son, best buds and a couple of snooty racers and of course the hippie couple. The Host seems a nice chap eh, which he uses a the end of the show.
I'm liking it and i can't wait for fall for the new season of Amazing Race.
Hey Canadians you have beautiful and cool looking country...eh :)


  1. I love the Amazing Race too and I thought one that JUST went across Canada would be a gyp but in truth it's a great advertisement for our fantastic country. Wait until they hit the far North. Beautiful. Why didn't you tell me we could be discussing Amazing Race all this time.

    1. I'm a huge Amazing Race, watched it with my Mom in her final years, so the show has special meaning for me.
      Right now i'm feeling that the Hippies might win but i'm rooting for the wounded warrior and his brother.