Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sundays with Santo

The greatest Super-Hero to come out of Mexico. What's not to love, real life pro wrestler, movie star and he saved Mexico and the World many times inbetween wrestling bouts!
Santo will always have a place in my Justice League of International Heroes along side Bruce Lee, Paladin, Honey West and many more.


  1. Oh man, wouldn't that be a cool League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I think I am going to add Santo to my group. He's been hovering on the edge of my top five for awhile now and your support inspired my renewed confidence in his abilities.

    I have such a limited knowledge of Santo. I would very much like to see you do some posts on him and his movies.

  2. Might have to do that, he had a cave of cool aka secret HQ with a video phone and a convertabile with a telephone (that was something in the 60's) to name a few.
    Santo would be a great addition to your group!

  3. LOL I've only heard of Santo, but man, Bruce sure does an Asian's heart proud to see his name up here (I mean seriously, Asians don't get a lot of macho cred do we) But this is mighty interesting. x)