Saturday, December 26, 2009

The End Of Time - Part One (Spoilers)

I am a long time Doctor Who (probably longer than some of you have been alive) and i can't tell you how much i've enjoyed the revival of the series. And now with David Tennant's and Russell T Davies aka Rusty's end with the series upon us, it's going out with a bang.
Sure there are things to nitpick and plot hole bunnies but it's the ride that's important and this is one hell of a ride to the end and the the new beginning with a new Doctor and Producer in 2010. Rusty and David are saying goodbye and both being fanboys of the show are giving their all.
I won't go into specifics but will mention what i liked.
Wilf, he needs his own series, why is he so important to the Doctor and is he something else?
Donna, to me she was the best companion the Tenth Doc had and i'm sure she'll have more to do in Part Two and like Wilf, who is she really?
John Simm, more OTP than the last time as the Master!
The return of the Time Lords and Gallifrey, knew this would happen or will it? Is he Omega? and who is the mysterious lady "helping" Wilf?
And of course David Tennant, if it weren't for Jon Pertwee he'd be my favorite Doctor, the man is one damn fine actor.
Rusty you bloody bastard how can you make us wait a week for the next part! LOL

I'm damn proud and still excited to be a Whovian.


  1. On several message boards (digital spy for one) are already having a Russel T Davies stab in the back fest... I do often wonder if these people, remember the age range DW is aimed at........ Kids, we're interlopers at our age (assuming we're 40 + apologies if you aren't. Personally, I enjoyed it loved it, some moments grate, but they are small in comparison to the whole. I look forward with anticipation to next weeks episode, and will try my darnedest to avoid spoilers.....

    Good to see that Tim Dalton is an evil Time Lord. Great to see Bernard Cribbins name in the opening titles and a bona fide companion and the many shreads to this story slowly coming together...

    I know for a fact I will need a box of tissues for the final 10 mins and the regeneration scene. Tennant is a tough act to follow, but I remember being when I was thinking they couldn't replace Jon Pertwee ( I am that OLD) and then they could never replace Tom Baker (maybe I was right about that one......)

    I have said it before, on various sites, I thank RTD, for a) for bringing DW back b) for making it exciting c) for Torchwood and especially d) for giving me Sarah Jane back....

    So a toast I think to RTD, for all his minor failings, I wish him well in future ventures as I wish DT well. But I wish Steve Moffat and Matt Smith great luck for the new Who

  2. Oh i'm way beyond 40 (it's funny to have actors playing the Doctor younger than myself).
    If it weren't for Rusty i doubt we'd ever get Who back.

    A toast to RTD indeed!