Friday, September 25, 2009

Jay Walking

Well Jay Leno's ratings keep dropping but i read online that that was expected and everything is going as planned (planning like this sunk the Titanic). The seasons of CBS and ABC tv shows are winning,even the middle range rated show Castle is beating Jay (his ratings would be even lower if Fox ran shows at 10) but since NBC is a 4th place network i guess this must be a win win situation for them (although the ratings are down from last season at this time for them) Jay's show is cheap to make (except for Jay's salary) and NBC loves cheap.
I don't and won't watch Jay because he's not funny anymore but i do wish the show would go away so we don't have to deal with the endless promos for it, it's not the greatest show to pop up on tv in decades as they try to claim in the ads.
To me this pic shows Jay stiff and awkward sitting there without his desk and i've heard the filmed comedy bits are terrible,don't know haven't seen any.
It just seems like a whole ego trip for the head of NBC, i wonder when he'll get a golden parachute and shown the door after his success of making NBC a 4th placed network.
Maybe Jay will succede but it'll be without me.
He used to be so funny.


  1. We get Jay Leno here as well. He's even worse than Letterman!

  2. I wish we could bring back Dean Martin and put him on at 10pm.

  3. Keith : Dino would be a better choice than Jay at 10 or any time. There just isn't anyone like Dino these days.