Monday, September 21, 2009


Infamy! Infamy!
Am i famous now or infamous or my usual deluded self?
Jamie is a good guy but i think upset him without meaning it but i'm like "wow cool the banana got posted about!", i thinks that's so cool.
I do know all of you out there are much smarter than me, i had a nervous breakdown in high school and left (dropped out is the words for that) and got a GED later, never went to i iz not smrat.
I did open my mouth about the irony of the attacks on Presidents are so alike and the parties never seem to see it, i didn't accuse Jamie of anything but he set me right, uppity dumb guy that i am, fair enough.
But like i said the E Banana got some publicity and i'm grateful for it. :)
And he posted a cool ass piccie (i'm posting that to tumblr!).
Forgive the stupid, idiotic and most likely brain damaged from a childhood operation which has caused a lifelong battle with panic attacks and agoraphobia.

Really all dry witless humour aside, Jamie has a great blog.

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