Saturday, September 26, 2009

Season's First Canceled Series

'Tis the season to be axing, fa la la la...
and the winner er loser for the first show of the season to be axed : "The Beautiful Life" on the CW.
Two episodes in and this Ashton Kutcher produced series has been closed down, the series starred Mischa Barton. I didn't even know this show existed (if ever so breifly).
One down and who's next on the chopping block?
Going by ratings - Accidentally on Purpose looks a safe bet and Parks and Recreation is slipping fast in the ratings and i wonder how long NBC will stick with a 5 night a week Jay Leno Show,will they cut it back or fire Conan and stick Jay back on the Tonight Show?

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  1. I had heard some of my younger relatives talk about "The Beautiful Life."