Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear NBC

Just wanted to tell you that your new too much hyped show "jay Leno" is not hip or cutting edge humor, it's full of the same old Leno routines he's run to death on the Tonight Show (where if you had an ounce of brain matter you would have left Jay, he beat Letterman every night and now you've lost that edge to Letterman with the road kill that is Conan O'Brian). Now i'm sure Jay's usual audience is watching now (until the new seasons start on ABC and CBS next week) but you aren't going to catch those young viewers you seem to crave. Let's face it, Jay is looking old and his act is making 80 year olds nostalgic for the Borscht Belt.
Hey at least you might beat FOX and CW,they don't run shows at 10pm!

The Eclectic Banana (we won't be wasting time er watching Jay)

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