Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jay Leno

I used to be a real big Jay Leno fan but i realize this was back in the late 70's and the 80's by the 90's he seemed to be tired of his act, so he either backstabbed Dave and Johnny Carson to get the Tonight Show gig (it depends on whom you believe in this story) or won it on his own merits. Jay was a hit and routinely clobbered Dave in the ratings (who went to CBS and has never spoken to Jay since). Now to me Jay was funny in small doses, i tried to watch his Tonight show but he changed and just fawned over the guests and did a bunch of butt kissing (maybe he changed as the years went by, but i wouldn't know) and killed the Tonight Show for me, just too much Jay for me.
So after years of making millions for the slowly killing it self NBC network (i think NBC would be gone now if it weren't for the Law & Order shows)the bozos who run NBC now decided Jay was old and they needed a new host for the Tonight Show...so they pushed Jay out and gave the show to Conan O'Brien,now Jay isn't hurting here he got a nice fat buy-off check and then i guess second guessing themselves NBC decided to give Jay a primetime show at 10 every night...cheap to make (except for Jay's salary) and a chance to get rid of all those pricey drama shows and put a bunch of people out of work in Hollywood and if Conan bombs and Jay's show isn't a big hit as they expect...they have Jay to stick back on the Tonight Show!
Well so far Conan dying in the ratings, he really dosen't fit the format of the Tonight Show..he's trying to do his Late Night show and it isn't working.
So as i ramble too long i'll get to the point, i missed Jay's first night because i fell asleep, heard it wasn't much different from his Tonight shows and many were underwhelmed (i think having Kayne "oops i did it again" West on the show boosted the ratings) so ok tonight i tune into to see this fantastic great show (if you believe the NBC hype) Jay walks out,crowd goes apeshit,band is too loud and Jay high Five's and begings reading his cue cards, i know they all read the jokes off cards but Jay was just stopping and reading them very un-natural of him and then he does Kayne jokes and starts "acting out" the jokes, i mean i never saw Jay do this,his laid back funny wsie guy act was gone and here was a guy doing over the top schtick, he seemed to be trying too hard and the jokes weren't that funny. Seeing this i thought "I wonder who's going to win Big Brother?" and changed the channel and i really didn't want to see his BIG GUEST of the night Tom "coo coo for coco puffs" Cruise.
I won't be watching tomorrow because Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth is on SyFy and i doubt i'll watch again this week. Maybe he'll be a big hit but i won't be there.
Take the money and run Jay, NBC make another Law & Order series.


  1. I think you've got it - a Law & Order spinoff starring Jay Leno!

  2. Law & Order: Leno
    "I think he was heh heh killed by a bad pun heh heh" :)

  3. I've never been a big Jay fan at all. I didn't watch him late night much and I doubt I'll watch him at 10pm either.