Friday, October 7, 2011


Boy howdy it's been a stinker of a "new" season for the major networks (especially NBC). I have never watched the CW network so can't tell you what's on there or do i care. FOX is trying to rip-off the voice cast of the Simpsons (i know a show that probably should have ended 10 years ago but it's a cash cow for FOX and it funds most of the pricey flops that FOX keeps making every year and this year's expensive flop - "Terra Nova"), I can hardly watch anything on FOX for it's constant promos of GLEE and X-Factor, two crap shows i will never watch.
Most reality shows are not and they just waste your time but being cheap to make the Networks will keep making them for now. Here's some i wouldn't mind going away forever - Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Sing Off, X Factor, America Has Talent, Biggest Loser (this show i find so offensive for the bullying of fat people). To be honest there are two shows that i am addicted to - Amazing Race and Survivor.
NBC, the turd of American Networks...already two of their highly touted "HIT!" shows have been axed, Playboy Club and Free Agents and i'm sure Prime Suspect and please please the Whitney show (Boy Howdy does that show stink!). Prime Suspect is a travesty of the original British award winning series..Mario Bello is no Helen Mirren.
ABC....the Lifetime Channel of Primetime Networks, they don't make any shows for me (except for the Middle a very well made and funny sitcom and Castle a detective series on ABC it's such a rarity and it's done well) i'm not a gay man or a woman and there's nothing wrong with that but i'm not watching.
CBS, now this is the network i watch the most (when i'm not watching a DVD,cable nets or reading) the revamped Hawaii Five-O is better than i expected, love Mike & Molly, i'm addicted to Big Bang Theory, Amazing Race,Survivor and NCIS. How I Met Your Mother will never tell us that story and  i find that annoying but otherwise the show is good but seems a bit flat this year. Two Broke Girls...they need you know "writers" badly written and not funny but it's been picked up for a full season (so what do i know?) . Two and a half Men...i like Charlie Sheen and this was Charlie Sheen's show and replacing him was a stupid mistake, yes i know it's TV's number 1 SHOW! but it was that with Charlie, the show now is chopped up into two parts that don't really blend, the part with the old cast thanking themselves for being disloyal to Charlie to keep their paychecks and doing Charlie-less "comedy" and the Ashton Kutcher mug at the camera and being puppy dog cute part of the show storyline about his wife and how stupid he is part ( i find it amusing that Ashton who was supposed to be the anti-Charlie Sheen is now being exposed in real life to be just as much of woman chaser as Charlie and Demi Moore is heading to the divorce court or so they say...) Bring Charlie back Chuck Lorre you made a mistake but i guess your ego won't let you do that, CBS won't cancel the show now but i can't see it having another season.
OK this post waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long so i'll stop here.


  1. If Fox wants to keep The Simpsons on the air because it's a cash cow, why can't they afford to pay just as much as they have been? If they can't, then it presumably isn't a money-maker anymore. So which is it?

  2. The way i understand it and remember this is Hollywood Accounting here, the show makes a lot of money for FOX with DVDs etc but they have to share that with the production company,Matt Groening and his partners, the voice talent etc etc and what FOX is left with they use to pay for many of the shows on the FOX network and when those shows bomb they get no return. Cost of the show keeps rising but they can't cancel it so they want to cut the pay to the voice talent by half.

  3. I hope there is a backlash that see the Simpson voice actors get double what they make now. Corporate greed sucks.

    I like mostly CBS shows too. Amazing Race never lets me down. I will miss The Closer when it ends this November. Project Runway is still top of my list as is Battle of the Blades and my Thursday night comedies.