Friday, October 7, 2011


I have some great friends here on blogger and tumblr but sometimes it's great to see an old friend.
Something told me to go to Facebook tonight and farm my Farmville (which i'm turning into a Halloween land) and i got a FB chat box (usually it's my buddy Allan) and there was Janet.
She's my oldest online friend and one of the few i've met in real life, we're the same age and she lives in Hattiesburg MS where my Mom came from and where i spent a few summers as a child. I've known Janet since late 1994 and she's the reason you see me here and under the nickname "Drake".
It seems a long story but it isn't, i discovered IRC back in '93 and was sitting in my channel called "DrWho" when Janet popped up there by mistake, we got chatting and i discovered a whole online fandom of Doctor Who on a IRC net called Dalnet, i had to use another nickname there since "Steed" was taken and in 1995 i became Drake. I met so many people who became friends and then ex-friends over the past 16 years and found places to exist like Live Journal,My Space, IRC, Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr and a few other places, all because of friend Janet.
Thank you Janet and i needed our chat tonight and making me remember friend are for life.

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  1. It always makes me really pleased to talk to old internet friends. I have made some that last a really long time although many slip through my fingers. It's always great to hear of reconnections that warms your heart.