Friday, January 28, 2011

Shat My Shat Says

You know it’s not that this show is a total flop but it is bad, Shat is doing his best with the crap scripts they give him but last night it looked like he was reading off idiot cards (i’m thinking they had some late script changes and Shat didn’t have time to learn the new lines or he’s given up on the show already). You do see Shat looking at the camera more and giving us the “I know it’s shit but i’m getting paid” look.
They keep "Tweeking" the show, had the older son and wife move in (the actor playing the younger son is so laid back he fades into the background in every scene he's in even when Shatner isn't there), they've got Shat's character a love interest now. It all seems so desperate.
I don't see this series coming back unless CBS thinks they can fix it (probably a mass re-tooling of the series, ditvhing the younger son, getting Shat's character more out in the world and being less grumpy and the older son and wife and the new gf featured more.)

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  1. You said it perfectly. In fact last night I could not finish the episode....but I hate to see it go. Do love Shatner, the part seems perfect for him.