Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 D Scam

Yes, Hollywood is scamming you all with this latest 3-D crap they're forcing on the movir public. It's no different than the 3-D tech of the 1950's and it's not even real 3-D. Most of us "see" movies already in 3-D because of our eyes and brain works and with the skill of good camermen the create a 3-D world that's lost when you add the 3-D crap, which has always come down to people throwing things at the camera (ooooh wow so exciting). So Hollywood as always beats a minor trend to death by making everything (well actually only a few films are made with the 3-D tech most are just transferred to 3-D from the original "Flat" source) and you have the pleasure of paying much more to "see" their crappy movies while getting axe to the head size headaches.
Even if i could get out to see more movies (agoraphobia really keeps you from doing normal stuff) i wouldn't go to 3-D because i can't see the magical effect on phoney 3-D because i have myopia aka nearsightness and one eye see's things differently than the other, this causes headaches and nausea for me.
Latest figures on box office sales shows the overload of 3-D movies is hurting the film business.
It's funny that the best 3-D movie ever made "House Of Wax" was made 60 years ago by a one-eyed director named Andre De Toth who couldn't even see the effect!

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  1. I have to agree. The "stuff jumping out at you" effect is really old, and comes across as really primitive in modern movies. I hope the fad doesn't last, but it doesn't really matter that much as long as they still show the movies I want to see without the 3-D crap. I've seen one recent movie at the theater in 3-D, and it was not worth the extra cost at all.