Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Michael Palin For President

Yes i know he can't be because he's British but he's the only Palin i'd ever vote for, certaintly not the "wet dream" of the ultra extreme radical conservative teabagging right (who aren't right about anything) . As they destroy what's left of the Republican party they wallow in their own un-reality of doing nothing but attack anyone they deem "left wing", you know Jesus would be considered a leftwinger with all his talk of peace and boy does he need a haircut!

If "Saint" Sarah of the Vapid generation runs, it means Obama gets a second term and i think that's about the only way he can get re-elected right now.

I believe in an America where everyone's civil rights are treasured and fought for, women have the right to choose, gays have the right to marry, people have the right to be any religon, people have the right to be any political party, people have the right to be liberal or conservative, people have the right to think what they want.


  1. Please, don't even mention the fact that she would even run...that thought scares me more than any horror movie :D


  2. You know, that would make a pretty damn scary movie! :)