Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad Idea

One of my favorite comics was "Our Army At War" starring Sgt. Rock. For many years Hollywood has tried to make the World War Two based comic book into a movie, at one time Ahnuld the Governator was picked to star. Now Hollywood hack producer Joel Silver has the rights and is ditching WWII for the future : Silver says "It's a little bit in the future. As a war movie, it's not going to be 'where it's been,' it's going to be 'where it's going.' We didn't want to do Iraq, we didn't want to do a contemporary war. We wanted to do a sort of futuristic war." Gee it's like he wants to make it into another G.I. Joe film.

Can we say "train wreck" boys and girls? I'm hoping this piece crap hits development hell and never see's the light of day.


  1. This is the same kind of crap Silver gave us when it came to Wonder Woman--WWII was too boring, so why not make it a coming of age chick flick? That never got made, and I hope this one doesn't, either. Sgt. Rock is a WWII character, and that's the movie I want (badly) to see!

  2. I think they all take too many stupid pills in Hollywood. Sgt. Rock would make a great WWII film.