Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eclectic Banana Tumblr

I think this is the best description of the E Banana Tumblr :
by Seltzerlizard
Follow Eclectic Banana for all your pop culture, trashy culture, cool stuff, random stuff, comics, movies, and occasional forays into pictures of woman who are surely unsuited to work on our nation’s fine railways.


  1. You DO like to highlight those trashy railway women. Not to judge you of course. I like any loose women that accompany a conveyance. How do I get that kind of love?

  2. Oh and 'burgers and pretty girls' SO MUCH AWESOME in one place. How did I miss this. Gotta read the ENTIRE page Calvin. THE ENTIRE PAGE.

  3. Trashy railway women, it's my dream to ride the rails...

    Burgers and Pretty Girls, such a natural match. Food and Women (some even clothed) you can't beat it. :)