Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future Of Television

Or as NBC wanted you to believe, the Jay Leno Show. Seems it wasn't, the ratings are beyond terrible and NBC affliates are threatening to abandon the show because of their falling 11:00 local News ratings.
I watched the show once and found Jay un-funny and the show amatuerish and clunky but many shows are like that when rushed into production with no real focus of what they wanted, Jay is best when he's a guest or behind a desk and letting others be funny, having him try to a Carol Burnett style variety/sketch show is way beyond his talent (and i'm only guessing this is what they wanted, NBC just wanted something cheap to make and not have to foot the bill for scripted tv shows).
I'm guessing the show has never found itself or gotten any better, the constant ads run on the local NBC station touting how FUNNY it is and how Jay is the "FUTURE" of tv turned me off on it.
So now it seems, if rumours are true that Jay will be shoved to a half hour at 11:35pm and Conan on the Tonight Show (another show who's ratings have tumbled and "love him or hate him" Letterman's have skyrocketed) will begin at 12:05am.
Both Jay and Conan are said to be resisting the move.
I have nothing against Jay but this whole thing has been a trainwreck since day 1 and he didn't deserve this but i'm guessing a raise will help. ;)

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  1. You are totally right when you call this show a trainwreck. Jay deserves most of the blame for either being a pussy and not resisting the networks move to bring Conan to the Tonight Show or for thinking he was so indespensible that he had to come back at 10 o'clock. The whole thing stunk of hubris from the beginning. I am glad Dave is the beneficiary of all this chaos concidering what NBC did to him all those years ago. That network can't help but shoot itself in the face regardless of who is in charge. We are seeing the end of network TV but it will be a long, slow, lingering demise.