Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Did I Move To Canada?

It's freezing here!
Since the weekend we've been dipping into the 30's at night and the 20's this morning and the rest of the week, i found ice in the bird baths.
And we could get snow this week!
Where did the Florida warmth go?
Al Gore where's your "Global Warming" now?


  1. I know you are suffering so I can only give you this advice - wear socks to bed, dress in layers and enjoy the character building experience while it lasts. The cold will make a man of ya boy! Now you see how powerful a thing seasons can be and I hope if helps you understand your buddy Cal a bit better. I would say 'stay frosty my friend' but that would be rubbing it in so I will just say 'stay toasty'.

  2. I need a brunette about 5'2" to warm me up, my luck she's in another city!
    Good advice, i shall try to survive this horrible thing called "cold".
    It's a fact a Floridian will freeze solid if it goes under 80 F!