Thursday, August 13, 2009

King Kirby

I've read and collected comics for most of my life, i remember looking at comics before i could read. First comic i saw was the Justice League of America. Loved DC comics ever since but i skip most of the stuff they make now, really it's god awful.
Never been much of a Marvel fan but i did like Daredevil and Iron Man, Batman and Flash (Barry Allen) are my favorite DC heroes. Gave up on Superman when they did the Superman dies crap.
Now getting to the point after that rambling paragraph of nostalgia and history i have to confess...i can't stand the late great Jack "King" Kirby's art, i know i'll be burned as a heretic by Kirby worshippers. The man had talent and created some amazing stuff like Kamandi,New Gods and the Marvel charcters that Stan "I take all the credit" Lee and he made.
But i hate his artwork, to me it's clunky and busy and seemed static.
Give me Joe Kubert,Russ Heath,Curt Swan,Jim Aparo, Russ Manning, John Byrne and many more.
I know Mr Kirby was a wonderful person, don't think i ever read a bad thing about him. I think maybe Kirby's art was a reason i never liked AMrvel too much that and Stan Lee's "writing".
I've never read anyone say they didn't like his art, so thought i'd voice my opinion and it's only mine.

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