Friday, August 21, 2009

The Blame Game

When did politicians and pundits turn everything into a "Blame Game"?
We are swamped during election time with million dollar blame blame ads. On tv we have people hosting shows that do nothing but blame people instead of solutions or any real issue solving advice.
I don't think Liberal or Conservative are bad words but both are used as labels to cover rampant hate in this country.
Just be honest, don't blame President Obama for being a head of some conspiracy because he's a Black man and you hate that he won, he is trying to run America the best way he can, just like all the previous Presidents and it wouldn't be America if they we're allc lones of each other. And Sarah Palin isn't some grand uber leader trying to turn America into some pseudo 1950's wanna be land, she just has a talent for saying stupid things, nothing wrong with that, we all do it.
I say take the hate mongers and blamers (on both sides) and take them off the air (naturally this won't happen because they all make too much money and that's the point of everything isn't, to make money).
I hate labels, labels are used by people to jusitfy their hate.

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