Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insomnia Stream Of Thoughts

Can't sleep, so i'll wait to see if the shuttle goes up if the weather clears but it looks like a scrub and as i type a scrub. 24 hour turnaround before another try.
Now what will i watch and do through the long lonely sleepless night?
I'm a babbling chatterbox here and i usually reserve that for LJ.
You know i'm strangely attracted to Flo from the Progressive ads, think i'll pop her into this post.
Awww isn't she cute?
5 and now almost 6 days without hearing from someone very dear to me is depressing me, i'm about the un-luckiest guy when comes to romance and women, so naturally i worry.
I know none of this makes any sense to you few who read but i'll be back posting pics and videos later today when the sun is shining.
curent shows i have never seen:
Desperate Housewives
Gray's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
All the CW "Urban" comedies
Ugly Betty
That other medical show spun off from Gray's Anatomy
Lie To Me
Mad Men
any show on HBO,Showtime (don't get those channels)
I bet i can get an award for the most boring and least read blog! :)
Saddle up pardners, time to ride.

1 comment:

  1. I do like Flo myself. It's always neat to see what you post. Hope you have a great day. Cheers!