Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holy T-Shirt Batman!

C at Sun Dried Sparrows was talking about t-shirts and  commented on my first and much beloved t-shirt, i got during the Batman tv show craze. It was a white tee with the batman logo on it, wore it until i out grew it. I felt like Batman, i've never worn t-shirts since. I had a large head as a kid and my head would get stuck when pulling over a t-shirt, i got a real phobia about that.
This i think is pretty close to my old Tee.


  1. Many thanks for the name-check! Aww, that T-shirt... I bet you imagined that everyone else thought you really were Batman whenever you wore that too...

  2. I had one just before the Michael Keaton BATMAN film came out. It got a LOT of attention.

    Hey, I've awarded you an award!

    Although I see you already got one. It's verra nice.

  3. Thanks M. D.! I love the Zombie Rabbit Award!