Sunday, November 28, 2010

Am I Bad Person?

I have wondered about this question most of my life. I seem to have the ability to get people angry at me. Sure i have many a human fault that i try to deal with.
I'm always sad these days, holidays never help and tomorrow is my Mom's birthday (still miss you Mom).
I ask about the bad person part because i find i'm jealous of one my fellow bloggers blog, always with an interesting post, his followers who all love him and the attention he gets (well deserved, he is a great guy) and i know i'm not the kind of guy who'll ever be popular like that or engender much love.
Many issues in real life and being alone make the night slong.
Yeah i know boo hoo others have it worse but i'm not others just me.


  1. Tell me who this blogger is because I would love to be inspired by someone`s stuff. I am down too that I can't come up with more posts and I hate the holiday season and just have to endure it since my father died. No matter when or how you post I will be here because you were always a supporter of mine.

  2. sorry, I didn't mean to post that yet...

    The holiday seasons can really suck. I spent most of my life hating them. Even when i was around people, inside i was still alone.

    Just because others may have it worse, doesn't mean that what you are feeling isn't real or causing you pain. You won't always be alone, I can promise you that. I don't really know you of course, but I can still promise...

    You need to vent or something, my email is on my blog...

  3. I know where your coming from. I'm an introvert and tend to over think things a little too much...but I'm starting to learn to let things (bad thoughts etc) go. I also hate the holidays. You are not alone my friend...not by a long shot.
    ETA - I know this comment doe not make sense...but I've been up all night (at work) and my blood pressure is out of control.

  4. Let the jealousy happen, accept it then let it go. Count your blessings. The fact you have teeth counts.
    Go dancing. None of this 'I don't dance' malarky, either. Have a couple drinks then go for it. Gotta let that fool loose deep inside your soul.
    Go outside.
    Smoke some pot. Relax. If you don't want to, peace.
    Today, really and truly, is the best time to live.
    As someone who also feels down and has issues (more like subscriptions), these are a few of my favorite things.
    Did you know that the Estonian word for lucky and happy is the same one? Think about it.
    Feel better,