Friday, November 27, 2009

Western Movie Blog

I know i have too much time on my hands because i keep thinking of starting a Western movies blog. Does the blogverse really need another blog about Western movies?, probably not.
I really don't blog as much here on the E Banana or at the Macabre Drive-In Theater, i figure i'll probably slack off on any new blog(s), I love westerns and would probably have a great time but i think i'll let that idea sit awhile (like a few other ideas i've had here and at Macabre that i've never got around to doing).
The picture above is Lee Van Cleef in "The Big Gundown".
Van Cleef is one of my favorite Western actors.


  1. I prefer Clint Eastwood, he has been "the Father of the Western Movies" he is an inspiration for all who love this kind of movie and want to be actors, like me.