Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Christmas ads this early in the season? It's Halloween time and wait till Thanksgiving is over!
Columbus Day (a stupid holiday if ever there was one) is not the time for the Xma$ $eason ads to start.
Bill O'reilly and the nutbags at Faux News like to scream and yell about a War on Christmas well i can see why when the force it down your throat earlier and earlier each year.
Everything in it's place and time.


  1. Since my Dad died I don't celebrate Christmas anymore so all the war of Christmas bullshit passes me buy. For such a 'war' we sure get overwhelmed with Christmas shit this time of year. Ask the jewish kids how hard it is to be indoctrinated by a holiday they don't participate in.

    1. My Mom loved Christmas, now that she's gone it dosen't mean anything and the whole thing is depressing.