Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stupid Pepole's Convention

I will not poison this blog with a pic of Stupid People's Convention aka those bunch of racists and bigots who call themselves Republicans. I truly believe these folks to be evil and stupid. Having a Tax Cheat as your nominee is probably nothing new for them but their hate for the President just drip off them. The VP candidate lied all through his speech (it was even too much for the Faux News Network who called out his lies). Really are you people this STUPID?
I'm sorry if your voting for this tax cheating white rich bully who made his riches off his Daddy and the middleclass for you are indeed Stupid. But you have the right in this country to be stupid but you have no right to spread your stupid on the rest us.You no right to take anyone's rights away, give the godless rich another tax break, force your crap religion on people, demonize Gays, Blacks, Hispanics and Women.
And NO stupid people the President isn't a Muslim or born out of this Country, you just hate him because he's half Black.
You Stupid people disgust me.
You're a spineless minority.

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